News 2012

20.11.2012 Today we add to the "Slovensky cuvac - Males" these dogs from our kennel:

Arny Onyx Márk

Benet Onyx Márk

Brix Onyx Márk


17.11.2012 Today went away to a new home last free puppy - female Engie. We wish you a long and happy life.


3.11.2012 Successful weekend of our litters

Saturday, November 3, 2012 In the first females Bertine and Bonny Onyx Márk participated at breeding on International dogshow in Prague.
Bertine Onyx Márk - breeding code: 4J2A6-A
Bonny Onyx Márk - breeding code: 5J2A6-A

Then we moved to the exhibition ring, which also exhibited our litters.
Canto Onyx Márk - cl. young - excellent 1, CAC, BOJ (Best of junior)
Bertine Onyx Márk - intermediate - excellent 3

On Sunday Canto Onyx Márk successfully passed the exam ZOP (Basic handling the dog).

We are very proud of you. Thank you.





11.10.2012 New photos Engie and Emma, who are still waiting for their owners, here.







20.9.2012 New pictures of E litter are here. At mom Angela still are females Engie and Emma, who are still waiting for their families. Other puppies are in new homes.





1.9.2012 New video of puppies here.



29.8.2012 New pictures of puppies. Available are 4 females with names Elvíra, Emma, Engie, Elizabeth and male Edge.








                                 Enzo - reserved





              Ewe - reserved                              Eddy Mexx - reserved



25.8.2012 International dogshow, Mladá Boleslav, Czech republic


judge: Gabriela Ridarčíková, Slovakia

Males - Intermediate
Brix Onyx Márk - excellent 1, CAC

Males - Open class
Benet Onyx Márk - excellent 2, Res. CAC


Females - baby class

Dona Caran Onyx Márk - very promising 1

Females - puppy class
Cita Onyx Márk - very promising 1

Females -
Bertine Onyx Márk - very good 1


Females - Open class

Bonny Onyx Márk - very good 1






August 24, 2012 The section "Puppies" added weight puppies.



August 20, 2012 Casus Onyx Márk participated in the first exhibition. Kirsi, much congratulations to the results.

dogshow, Pori, Finland, judge: Marianne Holm (Finland)
puppy class: the prize of honor, BOB-puppy

dogshow, Heinola, Finland, judge: Sylgrén Maija (Finland)
puppy class: the prize of honor, puppy class 1, BOB-puppy



August 19, 2012 Puppies have names - males are named Eddy Mexx (reserved), Edge, Enzo (reserved). Females are Ewe (reserved), Elizabeth, Elvira, Emma and Engie (reserved).


August 13, 2012 Litter E: video of the puppies life




August 9, 2012 New photos of puppies are here.

July 31, 2012 Added other photos of puppies - here, the actual weight of puppies added.


July 24, 2012 First photos of litter E are here.





July 17, 2012 Yesterday, Victoria became a grandmother again. Angela Onyx Márk has 6 females and 3 males. Father is Merlin Hodkovičský les.





June 15, 2012 Assessment of dysplasia:


Brix Onyx Márk HD A



May 19, 2012 World Dog Show in Salzburg - also attended by a dog from our breeding Arny Onyx Mark. We thank the owner for the presentation of our kennel at the exhibition. We are delighted with the result achieved. Milan, once again, thanks!

Arny Onyx Mark - intermediate class - excellent 1, CACA




May 6,2012 Today was Club Dog Show. Our litters were successful as follows:


Benet Onyx Márk - excellent 1, CAJC, Club young winner




Ares Onyx Márk - excellent 3 (open class)




It also made ​​us happy result of Asus z Tasíkova dvora, which is the father of our litter C. In his 8.5 years of age attended the first exhibition in excellent physical condition.


Asus z Tasíkova dvora - excellent 1, Best of veteran




In Saturday, May 5,2012 was Aška Onyx Márk breeding. Her breeding code is: 5J1A/6-A



May 4, 2012 Assessment of dysplasia:


                 Benet Onyx Márk HD A, ED A



April 23, 2012 On the weekend came to visit family Paulik (owners Derek Orlicky talisman,daddy litter D) and the last time we took pictures of all puppies. Photos are here.




April 10, 2012 Puppies are 5 weeks old and already living outdoors. The owners have chosen their puppies: males - Dasty, Dingo and females - Darcy, Debbie, Dona Caran.


























April 1, 2012 Came new pictures of Canto, Cassandra and Cris Sepp.





March 31, 2012 Puppies have names that they choose future owners:
                           males - Dasty, Dingo
                           females - Darcy, Debbie, Dona Caran



March 28, 2012 Assessment of dysplasia:


                 Bertine Onyx Márk HD A, ED A

                 Bonny Onyx Márk HD A, ED A

                 Bono Vox Onyx Márk HD D, ED A



March 20, 2012 Puppies watching. New photos are here.



March 12,2012 Litter D - First photos are here :-)




March 11,2012 Great photo gallery updates of our puppies litter B and C, we got many photos. We are very pleased, we thank all owners :-) We are happy to see that our "puppies" are good.


Bono Vox Canto
Brix Casus
Bambina Cris Sepp







March 7,2012 Yesterday were born puppies - 3 females and 2 males. Birth weights were 507, 580, 491, 532 and 517 g One boy still waiting for his family, the other puppies are reserved.



March 4,2012 Today, Cassandra went to their owners and so are all the puppies from the litter C in new homes.




March 4,2012 In the past few days had gone to their new homes next puppies - Cento, Sepp Cris and Cameron.






February 17,2012 We got first pictures of puppies from their new homes. Photos are here.



February 14,2012 Puppies go to new homes. The weekend left us Canto, Cerro, Cess and Cleopatra. Casus yesterday flew to Finland.






February 5, 2012 The puppies have been vaccinated and chipped today. Soon they begin to diverge near and distant homes, where they are already enjoying the owners.



January 29, 2012 Aška Onyx Márk HD A and ED A and Abby Onyx Márk HD D and ED A



January 19, 2012 Puppies weighs about 2 kg. We eat soaked granules already. New photos of puppies here.




January 3, 2012 Some puppies begin to look at the world :-)




January 1, 2012 Today evening photos of puppies here. The names of the puppies and their weights, see the section "Puppies".